About Sea Otter Fur

Sea otter fur is the most luxurious and exclusive fur in the World. Only Alaska Natives can hunt and work with it. The fur is so dense that there are more hairs per square inch (up to a million) than there are people in Alaska. Alaska Natives depend on marine mammals for survival and have a Spiritual relationship with them. As evidence to the sustainability of this relationship, there are estimated to be over 70,000 Sea Otters in Alaska. They are not listed as an endangered species. 

About the Artist

Peter Williams was born and raised in Alaska. He is half Yup'ik Eskimo and European blend. His handcrafted garments are made under his designer label Ata which is Yup'ik for “let me see” Following in his ancestors foot steps Peter hunts and hand sews marine mammals with great respect for the life the animal gave. That up holds ancient Native traditions of a Spiritual and sustainable relationship with nature.